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About TECC

TECC continually strives to provide developmentally appropriate and culturally relevant supplemental enrichment programs for our students.

We place a strong emphasis on creating a safe environment for asking questions and challenging students to not only complete their homework, but also to understand academic concepts on a deeper level.

In order to provide this level of guidance and instruction, our teachers often include one-on-one or small group homework help during class instruction to address the individual linguistic or conceptual needs of our students.

In addition to providing homework help for our students, another priority for TECC is to provide opportunities for students to further their academic understanding of Language Arts and mathematics through additional practice, engaging activities, as well as explicit instruction.

We also provide Chinese Mandarin classes for students at varying levels of fluency. One of our objectives is to provide a solid foundation in the basics of Chinese speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as continued literacy support for learners of Chinese.

For many of our students, Chinese is a second language that is crucial to building connections with their families and community, and we hope to give these students the tools to use a language other than English as means of effective communication.

In today's high stakes testing world, students who feel more comfortable asking questions and engaging with academics are more likely to do well on standards-based tests. Our goal is to provide quality support and academically enriching content in a caring environment that promotes students' multilingualism.